Olivia Bishop: London UK

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Printmaking is a medium which allows me to express my ideas in a clear and precise way. The beauty of the tones and lines which can be created by etching and aquatint fascinate me and I love the imprint of the metal plate on the paper.

In the past, my artwork has been large scale and sculptural, yet with etching and aquatint I have focused on small-scale images which are more precise and invite the viewer to study the image more closely.

I have always loved the circular form, especially juxtaposed against other geometric shapes. The inspiration for the Abstract Circles series came from a small drawing in an old sketchbook where I had been studying the spiral formations of shells. In the series the dark surfaces contrast with the shaded, curving forms suggesting ideas emerging from within.

My pictures are often inspired by small observations of nature - the wild shapes adopted by a dying tulip ( Tulip I & II ), or the contrast of jagged rock next to gently rippling water ( Cretan Rock Pool I, II & III ). I am interested in giving importance to everyday observations such as seeing air bubbles in water trapped under a piece of glass ( Floating Blue ).

More recently I have drawn great inspiration from contemporary architecture, by creating an abstract image of an unusual modern building the result is almost unrecognisable and allows the viewer to recognise a number of forms, whether architectural or not. The curving forms of Sydney Abstract , inspired by the Sydney Opera House have been likened to moth's wings.

I like to work quickly to get a more expressive image, sometimes working from preliminary sketches and photos and sometimes directly from ideas in my head. I rarely re-work a plate - that way the images are always spontaneous.